Novelty Cakes at Special Occasions

Cakes are a must for special celebrations. They often get the limelight of the event because it simply grabs everyone’s attention. Enthusiasts have come up with novelty cakes – cakes that are unique, striking and specially created for a sole event. These cakes are perfect for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, wedding celebrations and baby showers.

The design of novelty cakes depends on the special occasions. Fondant and butter cream icings are widely used in creating 3-D sculptures or figurines. From pumpkin carriages to caricatures, you name it, you have it. Most of the bakers bake and decorate these cakes by visualizing the description of their client to compliment the special events. People often go for specially designed novelty cakes on their weddings, decorated with fresh flowers and hand drawn details. They often look too pretty to be eaten.

Shapes and sizes of the cake vary, depending on the requirements by the buyer. They can be as big as an 8-tier wedding cake, or a single tier “LV inspired” fondant cake. During special occasions like Valentine’s Day and Christmas, the cakes are made with tree shaped and love shaped moulds. But be aware of the hefty price tag as these stunning master pieces do not come cheap.

The cakes are usually baked within the range of flavors provided by the baker. The flavors range from traditional butter, chocolate moist, vanilla, cappuccino to the funky flavors like zesty lime, carrot, rum, velvet etc. One can also choose from the available fillings such as chocolate ganache or apricot jams to surprise your guests from the inside.

Moulds made by e-flute cardboards can be used for cakes that are not using much icing and fondant decorations. These moulds have a layer of plastic coated paper lining in it to prevent water leakage or grease absorption.

There are no boundaries for novelty cakes as it all depends on the design and the creativity of the people. A football field birthday cake or a wedding cake made up by 5 tiers of mini fondant cakes are now no longer a dream. Novelty cakes are real centre-pieces that is worth the investment.