Winter Wedding Cake Ideas

A great way to make your wedding extra special is with a gorgeous wedding cake. The cake is much more than a dessert, it is one of the key decorative elements at the reception. These are some fantastic ideas for winter wedding cakes.

Snowflakes are one of the loveliest motifs for winter weddings. They can be used in everything from your crystal wedding jewelry to the invitations to favors. Snowflakes also look great on a wedding cake. This motif works beautifully in an icy color like white, pale blue, or silver. A simple fondant cake with ice blue frosting can be decorated with piped snowflakes in white or silver, scattered around the tiers like falling snow. Mix up the sizes and designs of the snowflakes for the best effect. A variation on this concept is to use large snowflakes spaced evenly around the cake as a graphic element. This is a terrific modern take on the classic “Winter Wonderland” wedding theme.

Speaking of the Winter Wonderland idea, you can use it as a terrific point of inspiration for a wedding cake. An all white cake is always a classic; for a formal winter wedding, it can be personalized with a heavy dusting of a shimmer powder to give it glitz and glamor. A wide silver satin ribbon can be wrapped around the base of each tier, then top it all off with a crystal monogram cake topper. The effect is elegant and modern, yet festive and not at all plain. This style of cake is gorgeous with crystal wedding jewelry, especially when done with the crystal cake topper.

If you are looking for something truly unique, ask your baker to design a winter scene on your wedding cake. Think about how incredible it would be to have a handpainted scene of horse drawn sleighs in snowy meadows or ice skaters circling each tier of your cake. You can personalize this one of a kind cake even more by representing scenes of your favorite winter activities, whether they are skating, snowshoeing, or even ice fishing. Your wedding cake will be such a work of art that it will be hard to cut into it!

A very charming idea for a winter cake would be to have one decorated with winter motifs which look as they they have been cut from red felt (minus the fuzzy texture, of course). Slightly thick pieces of red fondant can be cut into all sorts of vintagey shapes, such as pairs of mittens, old fashioned ice skates, and sleds, then placed on a white cake. The effect will be absolutely precious, perfect for a cozy and charming winter wedding.

Natural elements are always nice for wedding cakes. For a winter cake, request seasonal designs created in frosting, such as pine boughs and pinecones or graceful branches of red berries. You might just find that you like the motif so much that you use it on your wedding invitations.

There are just as many wonderful ideas for winter wedding cakes as there are for the more common summer cakes. It is simply a matter of using your creativity and featuring a theme that highlights something unique to winter. The resulting winter wedding cake will be so special that it will be almost too good to eat.