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Wedding Cake Plates, Tiered Cake Stands

Wedding Cake Plates

Let’s face it, every little girl dreams about their perfect wedding, and wants it just right, down to every last detail.  While many spend hours finding the perfect cake what not many realize is the perfect cake plate can make or break the setting.  There aren’t many modern cake stands available today, but the antique glass ones can be absolutely stunning, and are a great heirloom and keepsake from your special day.

Our website carries many different colors and styles, and there is sure to be one to fit your décor.   Our tiered cake stands are available with three or four tiers, so you can beautifully display even a larger cake.  Better yet, they are stackable, so you aren’t limited to how you display them.  The single cake plates are perfect to hold a dessert or quiche for a bridesmaid luncheon, and make wonderful wedding gifts.  They are pretty enough to display all year round, and are great for any occasion.

Of course, such beautiful works of art aren’t limited to just being used for weddings or wedding related events.  They are perfect for birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, and all of the other special events in your life that are worth celebrating.  There are many classic, antique styles available, like you would see in your grandparents’ homes, as well as more modern designs as well.  Our products are not limited to round designs.  We have several square ones available to add a special touch to any display.

All of our products are made from glass that is tinted with natural minerals, creating a true colored glass.  This means that no matter how much you wash it or use it, the color will never fade.  We are proud to say that they are all manufactured here in the United States.  This means you know it will be of the highest quality, every time.

Groovy Kids Cakes

Nothing puts a smile on a childs face like viewing their birthday cake for the first time. And lets face it, few things out there are as satisfying for us mothers either.

Decorating a special cake for your child can be so much fun. For our girls, whimsical themes and gelati colours are in order, and for our boys, bright, bold and colorful is all it takes to make a little man smile.

But what icing is best for the type of cake you want to create?

I categorize icing into 5 main types, and each one has its place in the cool cakes for kids arena. Understanding the types if icing will help you successfully plan your groovy cake design and save you a lot of heartbreak.

#1: Buttercream

Buttercream icing is a combination of softened butter, fine sugar and some sort of liquid flavor and coloring. It is essential to use a fine sugar when making buttercream icing as it melts very easily and importantly, contains small amounts of cornstarch which helps to stabalize the icing…This also explains why it doesn’t taste so good in coffee!

Buttercream icing is so easy to work with as it’s smooth consistency makes it so suitable for use with piping bags. It is the perfect icing for little cupcakes as you can get it through the piping bag tips with only one hand, allowing you to hold and manoeuvre the cupcake with the other.

#2: Ganache

Ganache is a fancy French term that simply means chocolate melted with heavy cream. When warm you can pour it over the cake for a gorgeous shiny glaze, just watch your chocolate loving child’s eyes pop from their little faces as they peer over the counter top as you do this, its so cute. Ganache is so versatile, you can use it as a chocolate sauce for a pudding, dip strawberries in it, or just lick it off the spoon. You can make ganache into a frosting if you chill for a bit then beat it till fluffy, perfect for layer cakes.

Best of all though, make sure that you pop a tiny bit of the ganache into the fridge for later. Once it has chilled you can scoop out little spoonfuls, roll into balls and dip into melted chocolate for yummy after party truffles just for you.

#3: Glaze

Glaze is the simplest of icings. It is simply some fine sugar, melted over boiling water with a little bit of liquid flavour, usually fruit such as a squeeze of lemon or scoop of passion fruit. It forms a very thin liquid consistency and is simply drizzled over the cake to form a hard crust when it cools.  i love the way it cracks when you bite into it, yum.

#4: Royal Icing

Royal icing is one of the most commonly used icings in cake decorating, it contains powdered sugar, egg whites and liquid. Its consistency should be similar to pancake batter and needs to flow easily in order to work it through a piping bag. You need to be quite confidant with your icing skills when using royal icing though as it sets very quickly.

#5: Fondant Icing

When it comes to really groovy cake designs fondant icing is my personal favourite due to its amazing versatility. You can make some seriously cool cakes with this as once made it is rolled out like pastry allowing you to cover cakes of all shapes and sizes. You can cut out shapes with cookie cutters, you can dye or even paint it with liquid food coloring, and as such the possibilities are endless. Fondant icing can be tricky though, sometimes having the tendency to sweat, so working at the right temperature is really important.

Now that you understand these 5 simple icing categories go and plan your groovy cake that will put a smile on your child’s face, and the Best Mum on the Planet award on your forehead. Enjoy!

The Science Of Cake Frosting

Most of us have experienced the immense joy of dipping a finger into a bowl of delicious cake frosting and then popping it into our mouths. Often it is just as appealing to our senses thanks to its silken texture or its smoothness, as it is for its delicious taste or flavor. What is so interesting about frostings, icings, glazes, fondants, and any other sort of coating for a cake, is that the recipes are so diverse and varied and they each have a very specific sort of appeal.

For example, fans of the many different television programs that focus on professional bakers and the highly decorative cakes that they make, will be very familiar with fondant. This is something made from sugar and water and which can have a glaze-like consistency or can be as pliable and durable as a heavy dough. It can be rolled out into sheets and can, literally, wrap a cake in icing. Naturally, this has a lot of appeal to any sort of baker or cake decorator looking for a very sculptural cake, but also to those who really want to control the end results too. It isn’t, however, the best frosting for a cake that has a very delicate texture or quality because the weight of the icing may cause the cake to collapse.

This means that a baker is going to have to understand the different properties of the different frostings in order to know which are most ideally suited to their decorating needs, and to the needs of the cake. Often, people might get so “caught up” in the design process as to forget that a cake is meant to be eaten and enjoyed. This requires that the cake body be moist and flavorful and that the frosting, icing or glaze be a good companion to it. This might pose a serious challenge to a baker if the decoration is not well-suited to the medium.

Luckily, there is such a diversity of frostings available that there are few times when a specific design scheme cannot be achieved. For instance, there are buttercream recipes that create light and fluffy results, but which are also able to remain a bit thicker for the cake decorator who wants to pipe everything from string and basket work to flowers and borders. There are cloud-like icings that are simply piled up and gently spread over the surface of a cake and which serve as the decoration and frosting at the same time. There are the rigid fondants and the many effects these can achieve, and there are the watery icings and glazes that can be heated and poured over a cake before becoming firm and rigid, and yet giving the cake a highly glossy sheen that serves as an ideal backdrop to many kinds of decorations.

The thing to remember about these many types of frostings is that they should be selected for their good looks, their fine textures, their suitable flavors, and most importantly for their abilities to work well with the cakes selected.

Fall Wedding Cake

Apparently, one of the newest trends on the wedding market is to organize a wedding day according to the season. Summer can be a great moment for beach or garden wedding ceremonies and/or reception while winter is the perfect season for something thematic. Of course, ideas may change from one couple to another, and from one love story to the next one. Fall has been described by many as a very romantic season. So, why not consider this season to plan this important event?

When you choose a theme for your wedding day, you should be careful about adjusting all the elements to that theme. So, a fall wedding should have in the menu a fall wedding cake. This is how it works. If you take a look at Knot for Life, you will notice that plenty of bakeries have this product on display. Under Autumn/Fall Wedding Cakes there is a long list of available designs. Chocolate Apple pleases both fruit and chocolate enthusiasts, so to say while Square Chocolate Drizzled 3 Tier Cake is a strong declaration of love for soft tastes.

Other products to be mentioned here are: Fall Leaves Fondant, Autumn Roses Scroll or Fall Flowers. These are some of the possibilities but, of course, there are other ideas you could take into consideration. If you ask for a free quote, keep in mind that these prices are approximate. The costs may change as the list of ingredients or the number of tiers changes.

Of course, this is only one vendor. It is always wise to see more than one display. For example, stop a little bit at the list of cakes offered by Super Fine Bakery. Look at their products and see which one do you like best. Maybe you like a rustic buttercream with a couple of sugar poppies. Maybe a bunch of elegant clusters of sugared orchids. On a surface of soft buttercream can be that special touch you are looking for. In most cases, couples choose more than two tiers. Of course, it also depends on the number of guests: the longer the guest list the bigger the wedding cake.

Their beauty stands in their diversity. You notice that a colored vintage button goes very well with a squared tier. On the other hand, sugared flowers can also go with chocolate or whipped cream. You can be stylish contemporary or vintage. You can be unusual or simply elegant. In the end, the design reflects something from your personalities. Photos, when handled by professionals, can be a very special touch that nicely complements the final design of the wedding cake.

So, there are many options at hand, aren’t there? Colors and shapes come your way…The truth is that nobody likes to offer their guests something that is not tasty. The truth is that you would spend a little bit more in order to have a great result. The truth is that wedding planning can be a little bit tiring… but what do you think the truth is?

Do your wedding cake in a special way

A great wedding cake will bring a lot of fun and it can express your happiness sufficiently. Your honored guests will see and taste out the sweetness through the wedding cake. If you can do your wedding cake in your own special way, it will be certainly eye-opening and outstanding. Besides, a unique wedding cake will make your wedding impressive and distinctive.

To do a unique wedding cake, you must spend time thinking about the design. If you have no idea about the design, how about surfing the Internet and find some favorable wedding cakes on a professional website? The magazines and newspapers will cost you much more energy, and the most easy way is just to find a wonderful website. You will see a lot of good choices on these websites and get the ideas.

1.The Beatles Submarine Wedding Cake

The abundant elements in this wedding cake are quite interesting and fresh. The overall wedding cake looks cute and colorful. It brings us a sense of childhood and previous memories.

2. Brilliant Castle Wedding Cake

This castle style wedding cake looks so amazing and romantic. Although seldom people can enter castle and own a castle, having a castle wedding cake is feasible. What a fascinating thing to stand in front of the gorgeous castle for the bride and groom.

3. Colorful Balls Style Wedding Cake

This wedding cake is consist of various small ball cakes. It looks interesting and inviting. The design is distinctive and is good to make sure that every guest will taste it. People may refuse a big wedding cake, but barely decline this kind of small lovely ball cakes.

4. Sweet Hearts Wedding Cake

This wedding cake looks so elegant and adorable. It is decorated with numerous hearts in a gradient pinkish color. It can pass on the information of your love directly. Sometimes, you don’t need to sculpt the features on the wedding cake, just do some design with the item which can bring you two together. In this way, your wedding cake can be much more attractive and unique.