The Best of Trends in Kid’s Birthday Cakes in Melbourne

One of the occasions where cakes are a ‘must have- you cannot do without me’ thing are birthdays. Birthday cakes in Melbourne are the most sold out items and the ones that have seen the most change in terms of decorations and varieties. With a great number of options online, birthday cakes in Melbourne are all made and designed as per the client’s requirements. A daily selling item, kids birthday cakes are a sight to see at the prominent bakery shops on streets. Here are some of the trends in birthday cakes.

Two layered cakes

From a basic three layer, the dimensions of birthday cakes has reduced to two layer cakes that can be customized as per the theme of the occasion. From jungle themes to Spider Man’s to pool parties and the like, birthday cakes in Melbourne are done in all forms for a two layer cakes. As the gatherings are large, a simple single layer cake usually does not work. For kids birthday cakes, a usual site is decorations at first layers and age numbers in contrasting colors on second layers with side pop desserts.

Fondant decorations

The next trend observed in birthday cakes in Melbourne is purely fondant cakes that are designed in certain shapes. From makeup kits to expensive handbags to spider man’s and Barbie dolls, the fondant cakes can be put to any shape and design as per the client’s requirements. A sight to watch, fondant cakes make a beautiful design, and the outcome is more like a three-dimensional picture being put to design. The client can put forward a request for any shape and get it transformed as a cake. For kid’s birthday cakes, a jungle themed cake with small caricatures of animals from fondants is a big hit.

Themed pictures

The first revolution to basic creamed cakes was picture cakes that saw personalized photographs being printed on the cake. The themed pictures became an instant rage for birthday cakes, and people would make booking a week back to get it delivered on birthdays. Themed picture birthday cakes could otherwise be done in any shape, size, color and flavor, but a rectangular picture is always a first preference for birthday cakes. For kid’s birthday cakes in Melbourne, themed pictures would revolve around cartoon characters and super heroes.